Harry Hervey1900-1951

“Even in his wildest moments, Hervey caught something true that those of us more than twice his age can only bow before." - Pico Iyer

King CobraHarry wrote a dozen of fiction and non-fiction books of various genres, such as, adventure, mystery, biographical, crime, history, romance, and travelogues.

The chronological bibliography documents Harry Hervey’s major creative works. The article, written by Kent Davis and Hervey biographer Harlan Greene, also appears in the modern reprint editions of King Cobra and Congai.

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“King Cobra imparts all the tremendous excitement of coming upon a hidden treasure in the jungles of Indochina. Once I began to surrender to Hervey’s spell, I started—as, perhaps, he did—to lose all sense of where fact ended and fiction began. "

- Pico Iyer, on King Kobra

"Hervey sees the jungle one moment as a vindictive monster, the next as an annihilating river beneath which a whole civilization drowns."

- Margaret Mead, on King Kobra

"Hervey opened the door to the way we would be seeing Indochina—on the page and in our heads—well into the 21st century. He always makes the reader aware that, just beneath the gossamer delicacy of the culture he’s describing, is something hard as steel: Thi-Linh sinks her nails into one French cheek until she draws blood…"

- Pico Iyer, on Congaï

"If you come to Indochina to know it, then become intoxicated with it—and the surest draught is a woman…. The congai, she is our symbol—the symbol of the ability of the Frenchman to mingle with the natives, whereas the Englishman only conquers them."

- M. Malardier, on Congaï

King Cobra : Mekong Adventures in French Indochina

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